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FileStream document management system

Are you looking for an electronic document management system that can increase your efficiency and change the way your company operates?

Would your office be more efficient if paper and electronic records were combined in an organized filing system that made them available to your staff with a few keystrokes?

 Consider these facts about document management:

 A document management system will result in happier customers and staff by reducing routine manual processing of information and improving customer service.

Document management systems give you instant access to documents stored in your archive.

 filestream document management system

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A document management system will save you money by removing filing cabinets, which releases expensive office space for more productive tasks, and reduces offsite storage requirements.

FileStream’s document management system has lots of built in tools that will allow you to improve the way you share and work with your documents.

Electronic document management systems are environmentally friendly.

Managing electronic documents is easy with FileStream!

The FileStream Document Management System is a modern, simple, yet powerful scanning, filing and archiving solution that has been developed in the UK for over 10 years. They have a skilled team of business managers and technical staff who understand how businesses need to operate and are clearly not just software developers. This product is used daily by many companies in the UK and abroad including the likes of Manchester United Football club and large Fund Management companies.

Running on the Windows operating system and using the latest Microsoft technology this system lets users file and index all of your company’s paper and electronic records in a consistent electronic filing structure with the familiar look and feel of Office 2007. In fact integration with Microsoft office comes as standard.

FileStream’s EDM system caters for over 300 file formats - including; scanned-in paperwork, Office documents, CAD drawings and PDF files so you will never be left in a position where you are unable to view or work with a document, even if you don’t have the originating application installed on your PC. This feature alone can save your company a considerable amount of money and coupled with the efficiencies document management systems provide you could recoup your investment in a few months rather than years.

FileStream have taken a very flexible approach to licensing their document management system. They offer fixed or concurrent license options to cater for your needs and the system is compatible with Windows Terminal Services and Citrix environments ensuring that it can be used in almost every office environment.

Filing documents is easily completed with Manual Tagging, Regional OCR, Global OCR, and Barcode recognition. Your chosen method of filing will ensure that you can reliably retrieve your documents at any point in the future.

We understand that every company is different when it comes to electronic filing so we work closely with our customers to put best document management practices in place before the system is installed.

This excellent software application has lots of optional modules to ensure that customer needing advanced functionality can purchase everything they need right away. Customers whose requirements might grow or change can be confident that they won’t need to invest in a new system a few years down the track, they’ll just need to purchase any additional items they require.

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